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Sunday,18 april 2010,2.58am

nothing new,

i am sitting with myself,all along,it was 8 in the eve and now 3 in the {suppose to be good morning} thats OK love.thinking of me as a being, as an attitude,  as a specie,as a soul and a sole as they try to make you if you stay connected to them and surrender yourself in their hands who has no hands but strands to pull you kill you and transform you only for the bad,to kill your identity,to make you not known to your own self .this is what the whole world is all about,if ever you need to raise your voice just within yourself,you have no right to.you become a slave of the ones who is made to work for you,this [the spending of time} people call life,thats not a life at all.when for once you need to charge yourself,come on,be really with yourself,that no one is ever going to tell you but you need to know for yourself.whenever you feel like running away come to yourself,that is the best possible refuge and the garden of roses and the bed of patels

20 april 2010

Intellect and love and ultimate

What’s common in all of them or what separates them? many Qs

either one who is in love knows them all or that being only know the term love and is not in love, well at times we don’t even know what we know but we do.

How does one know that he is really in love? Or he is doing justice with himself, with the one he is saying he loves and the emotion love itself?

It will be a big finding if one realizes it and a great achievement too; one really needs to be true to at least one’s self and ones love, because love is everything in life, rather, love is life.

May that be for him?

May that be for another human?

May that be for the Creator?

My innocence is that I just want you to love me at an ultimate, and vice versa. May that be You my God may that be a being your creation.

I just forget what is needed of me in this field, I just object on others, thinking only that’s my job, It isn’t.

Is love blind?

For this I always say that its only love that has wide open

eyes and all senses just as alert and intact as they are suppose to be, here is a little, rather a big confusion at times, may be always.

What’s blind is lust and lust is a devil .that blind being with lust can’t even be called a human, he is an animal, thou might have a human face.

When your inner self smiles and stay smiling that’s being in love, that’s being completed, that’s being the ultimate truth, seeing the truth, Whatever you may call it intensity, ultimate, intellect, love, it’s all one. They all nourish and cherish each other well and good, otherwise all is useless out of hands out of reach.

If you are not sensitive enough you can’t love, it won’t come your way, won’t touch your skin,Wont whisper in your ears like a smooth breeze, Love changes your gait and changes your fate, Love speaks from your every pore, every strand of hair. One loves alone for his only self but the whole world seems singing and dancing with him, for him only. One who is in love sees all bright and shiny and happening, love makes life colorful, Love makes the wind full of aroma, stars look like pearls and sun like gold, Love makes ones sleep peaceful, he thinks, walks, talks, work like a free bird, Love makes one live, he feels like a permanent smile on a beautiful face

But one must not misinterpret love. Love for ALLAH is not killing others, Love for your kids is not lying, steeling, Love for passion is not bribing, Love for your parents is not neglecting your spouse, Love for your spouse is not ignoring your elders

Love for yourself, ah!

It is never talked enough because it’s not interpreted in the manner it must be, Loving one’s self is not being selfish, arrogant, self-centered, rude, impolite, high up in the air, but! Loving one’s self has two important points to ponder upon, 1st is knowing ones need, here we are not saying ones wants, but need, 2nd is how I am needed to myself, that is, as God wants me to be, for myself and for others. I will be the 1st one to be answerable of myself at the Day of Judgment, this is for sure.

Charity begins at home, popular saying thou; unfortunately we have jotted down what could be kept aside as charity. Charity is not only material things, time, a smile, a hug, a pat, and a healthy thought all r charity, praying could be the greatest of the charities so is LOVE.

As love is charity too, and I am the 1st legible deserving candidate for it. So i am going to start loving myself inside out, outside in. By being with myself, pampering me, decorating my inner self, polishing and shining my inner self, harmonizing my inner with my outer body

Doing so will be the utmost charity and help to the entire humanity, if I start my love for myself from myself and then spray it over all beings  like the gentle rays of sun in the mild winter ; these shinny warm rays of hope and joy will surround the entire universe and the creatures ever created.

One will be called a real lover if he becomes his own ideal, It’s not being proud of one’s working on one’s self but taking pride in thanking God that he could use his faculty of love that is God’s gift to him, to all being, but most are unfortunate not to discover it in the given life.

All said and done, the one who has the foremost right of being loved and remembered and thanked and be obedient to, is God, who created love and then kneed it into a beings dough, all praise to the Almighty.


23 april 2010, saturday
Wake up call

These words are talking sense now

But first do i know what does that mean? A call for Wake up!

That means i have had enough of wondering here and there aimlessly and lamely, as the time to meet the One who nourish is near nearby now some work must be done on one’s self rather than working on the neighbors, the first question that must come to mind of the one, who is interested in working on one’s self is that,

Is something missing in my life?

Is that missing thing required at the moment?

Is it my priority to go after it?

Am i really wanting it or is it just an experiencing journey to be on it?

Big question? So there is going to be a big answer, and one needs to get ready to handle it manage it, bare it, use it and make it useful.

Another question also must hit the heart and mind that, am i doing it for myself only or for may intimate fellows or for the humanity? Because working on any of these levels will be all, in a different manner and all working won’t be that easy as I am drifted away so far from the reality already. This shouldn’t be disheartening thou.

I believe that if one is adamant, he is going to make it to the top.

Waking up means seeing into

That is, in the nature of things

Nature of the God given rituals,

Ethics and manners, related to myself and my surroundings,

May that be humans may that be any other species like animals, or plants

Thinking the natural way is good but it isn’t if the Creator is not in mind, heart and soul.

Here i am not talking of a religious being; i am talking of a being that is legible of being called a human.

Remembering the creator “Allah” in every move is waking up, doing things to make Him happy is waking up, dealing with one’s own self and with others, as if doing for him or He is watching over is waking up. Now the question is how to get going, how to start the job? The answer is really easy and cool.

Think of it when you were a baby, you would need mom at ever moment of your breadth,

When you were a toddler you needed mom at every step, and you would want to find her, it wasn’t a big job thou.

Start taking yourself as a baby not even a toddler and just look up to Him, He is closer to you than your mom and understands you far far better than your mom, you don’t even need to cry to tell Him that you are wet, sleepy, hungry or hurt, He knows it all and much much more about your wants and needs.

What is needed of you is having faith in Him and yourself at the same very moment,

That moment will get you or vice versa.

How do I know, that it is the moment i was waiting for and i must not waste it as my past life.

The thinking has already gotten you,

You have already captured the instant, your heartbeat is the one to ask, is that it? Got the answer, may be from your heart or brain.

Usually heart understands better than the brain as brain may have questions and the heartbeat is smooth as it knows and well connected at this moment.

You may feel light or heavy or lost you may say {I call it found} because you were never that way ever and didn’t know how one feels, it’s new to you and you are new to it, soon you feel be at ease, as the reality has found you or the other way round. Be patient don’t start running to friends or neighbors’, well I know you are excited, but at this happening one needs to be sober calm and happy and praying, all this is just for you, your this world and hereafter.


 Monday, January 09, 2006

when the SHAIKH is SHAIKH of the SHAIKHS going 2 Spain is different
visiting Spain is different
seeing Spain is different
but being with the beings of THE KIND in Spain is different
AND being with the shaikh hand in hand
being in his presence
seeing and experiencing Spain with the shaikhs eyes,and when the shaikh is
SHAIKH OF THE SHAIKHS,is differently different.

i opened the page that says Anqa tours
after a while it said see the slides of the previous trip 2 Andalusia
i didn't have the courage 2 go through the slides for quite a few visits 2
the web page
every time it would come 2 my mind
how could i be the one in the footsteps of my shaikh,so why get hurt even
looking at the pictures.
i am sure my shaikh was aware of my feeling ,and one fine day i did go
through the slides,and how many times each slide didn't,couldn't count,and
that was it.
i could see myself every where with the group,with tears .
i wrote 2 the trip organiser that i wished 2 join the next group 2
i couldn't comprehend much ,what the trip was going 2 be like,as i had
been 2 one like this before.

now there i was from Pakistan 2 London,landed and stood at the Iberian
airline counter waiting for Stephen and the group members 2 recognise me.
eventually Stephen found me and took me 2 the group members,i meet each one
one of them and found them so receptive and welcoming.
we boarded the plane for Seville
as we landed my heart told me that this was not our first stop,may be
Cordoba was calling us first.we sat in the coach for Cordoba.
i could not think of anything at this moment after the flights of 20hrs,
"how could i be the the one at the footsteps of the shaikh."
none of the group members could read my thoughts and see my rolling tears,
tears of joy.
i have traveled around the world many times in my life but the welcoming
breeze of Andalusia touched my skin differently, it felt like home.
stepping at out first destination made me realise that the worst thing that
can happen to a being is to be caught in space and time,its only this catch
that detaches us from the moment.
a new day began and we started for the"was Cordoba mosque".
the street towards the mosque has its own way of invitation,it rolls you
towards the huge gate,where the fragrance of the orange trees welcome you
and gracefully takes you to the entrance of the building.
as you enter the door each patch of the floor calls for your attention,they
are anxious to share with you the happenings of the past and
how they are sensing ,and feeling the present,
what they have in mind for the future on their head under your feet.
each corner or the building ask for your attention and eagerly wait for you
you stand undecided where to start from till you take the first step at any
now where ever you take the first stop to contemplate,that place starts
revealing you what ever is in its soul.
as many hours you have in hand are less to collect the feel of the prayers
and the presences of the past moments ,which are still frozen there for the
one who is willing to melt them and get melted with them.
as the life moved on we moved on to
Granada physically,but a part of me was left in the mosque.
then we moved on and on to Almeria ,Ronda,Tarifa,Marchena.
and many more on our way to the new destinations
every move in Andalusia has its own positive aura and calling according 2
the needs of the needy,each place is so intense that one who is travelling
with me now has to be physically there 2 experience more and more and
according to his own thirst.
i don't want to be with the pitcher of water at every corner of Spain,one
has to go through the mystery himself to have fun see the fun be the fun.
finally to Seville.
this was the place
the place 2 be.
this was THE place that made me travel far and wide in moments,
that asked me to come to Andalusia
this was the place,that i had in mind when i used to think of Spain.
but didn't know which place was coming 2 my mind
had i not known that i was going to see some informative dreams, i could
have hit the bed at all in Spain.
there i was with a dream,didn't know what it meant
i saw BAHA UD DIN ZIKARIA,a famous mystic in Pakistan,resting in Multan
i saw the dream 4 times
this must be having a meaning i would say myself i asks Stevens ,if he ever
heard of this shaikh he said ,no than i asked him that

Stephen told us so many stories or happenings of the shaikh all along
here every word smelled different,i could see the shaikh and many of his
shaikhs walking and talking
i was proud to be one with them.
the most interesting thing was that the scene that was following me since
ever and that got stronger in the place where it happened got the answer.
the scene was when the shaikh received his first Revelation.
i was reliving it again and again many a times a day but it wasn't making
sense to me ,why?
there was an answer now in Seville.

in Seville i became a physical member of the ibn arabi society,i take my
self the lucky onet of all the members and the loved one by the shaikh
because he chose me to be the member of his society in his footsteps.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

insaan makaam or nighebaan

2 "Hazrat Ali's saying are most respected as far as I am concerned but at the same time they are his own valuable experiences, I wish for my own journey and independent happenings"
3 "As a human the requirement of the level my being ness is to be the supervisor of my self and my self-respect, the creator the creation and the creating."

4 "to be in connection all the time means having an independent router in heart and soul, one doesn't need2wait for an internet connection"

5 "if it ever occurs to me seriously that I don't want to live any more, that will help me not to take the next breath."

6 "a person in coma is like a vegetable breathing. Another being, sick and tired of life, what makes him breathe still?"

7 "as long as we try to give weight to our feelings with the help of alphabets composing words and sentences ,we will not be able to do justice while expressing how do we feel. First preference is feeling not forming a speech"

8 "my inner self and inner soul is independent of any one else's understanding"

9 "I am as much in the place of receiving as taking"

10 "Life is about reciprocating"

11 "my unsettlement and wondering tells that I may have not reached the elevation of being a human"

12 "a sharing can never feel satisfied if he is not convinced that he will be paid back in the same coin may be better"

13 "as long as I am a training soul and self the words don't reveal their true depths at times"
14 "When I am being loved, I am totally on the different grounds"

15 "my being in love makes me differently different"

16 "it's the birth right of the listener and the speaker to be patiently taken care of by understanding through absorbing"
17 "speech is the lowest form to comprehend at certain moments so its better to be all quite in and out at times to provide justice to the asked _expression"

18 "the absolute level of submission and surrender doesn't allow frivolous speech"
19 "many a times gatherings take place just to generate turmoil rather than a course of discourse"
20 "any state at any rate, any person with any _expression is reciprocating, he might not be aware of it!"
21 "getting together manages to create a dialogue doesn't elevate"
22" being conscious of an aware wanting elevates a being to godliness"
sub khair ho jae gi

Sura kausar
And of course we granted you growth
You remember the Giver, and of course remembrance is the sacrifice, the biggest sacrifice
And of course envious will not excel.

HE says namaz, may you say sallat, May you say remembrance is either too much or the heaviest, but not on some. It means that full presence is difficult may that be of the physical or the heart. After, struggle we do bring our physical at the level of being present, may that be to show off. But the heart that cannot be seen, cannot be felt by insensitive and the public, there reluctance, not showing the hidden motives is easy.
And not stealing the moment of presence is the sacrifice. Remembrance from the inner depths of ones heart and being consistent is the sacrifice.
The apparent self, gets stuck or come to a stop or we construct barriers along the way, may be to divert ourselves or to show to others. but we don't work on our soul, heart, inner self ,like mending, stopping, repairing or learning or growing, because we are hundred percent sure that no one is watching and understanding the what's going on.
We can very easily involve our inner self in the worst of the matters, and still appear to be the most pious.
The One who know what we are all about and Who is the only one who knows what is hidden in the hearts, we don't even give Him His due respect and we don't even care that He is watching , not because we neglect Him but because we have not taken enough pains to learn how to feel His presence. We don't ever zip off our covers from our own eyes so that we may see Him.

Actually what He is saying, He is the witness Himself that He has given him the growth, eternal life, spread, expansion. He is addressing the Prophet and saying that you do not be afraid and don't take it to your heart that what will happen to teaching and preaching or doings when you will not be amongst them in this form of flesh and bones.
He says that I have granted you and gifted you and your word, which is basically which is My word, an eternal life, so be happy.
In fact you and they can not comprehend that you and I are one, and it's only I who is the caretaker and responsible of My word that is Qauran and My love that is you.
The envious the jealous and the ignorant, and the one with the larger family name fame big business will be of no consequence. Their empires their wealth, knowledge, inheritance pride is of no standing for today. The enormity of their actions led them nowhere for today tomorrow and day after.
He says, of course, no doubt I gave you all the growth, I gave you the entire horizon. I in fact made you the horizon.
Strength, people, workers, ancestors children grand children are the requirements of those who are afraid of the time that who will take care of their belongings after they are gone, that shows we ask for the safe guard for our growth. Actually we think that multiplying in numbers means security.
But God said I have given you the ultimate security for you for today and ever after. As far as you are concerned none other than you are required
You are the growth, the expansion yourself.
He also said that when He has decided over you, when He has taken the responsibility over you for you,/he has taken you as /his responsibility, what else could be of any consequence? And it would not mater if people talk of you other than 'the truth' or lonely or alone or old or young or illiterate .but UMI
Umi means as fresh as a new born that was the name allotted to you by God.
You being there doesn't mean anything other than growth because he doesn't mean he but HE.
HE being one is the significance
You being one mean the significance
God didn't need his immediate son for growth but the khalifah so HE had the same agenda for you
No son for growth but the khalifah to carry on.
So you carrying the Gods sunnah for growth
And as a gratitude you get so much involved in His remembrance that you look like a piece of sacrifice yourself.
He means get so much involved in Me, indulge yourself so much that to a naïve it appears that you are sacrificing your self, because who ever is not with ME that way can not comprehend what one is going through. Allah says you be with Me all the time and apparently when you are not doing what all the commoners are doing than they will thing that poor you are torturing yourself, not enjoying the life at its full. You are either being a coward or scared or under pressure of something that's why you are doing this to yourself.
And even if this hurts or you feel like trying something other than what you are doing or going through. Than even be with it and of course with full remembrance.
He says I know it's a sacrifice and it is required of at times.
This sacrifice is not for a person or name or fame or world that's why no one is excepted to understand the sacrifice of remembrance.
It takes away every thing from you all love all attachments all fun which the world understands and initially it's a sacrifice because as you start the remembrance it takes a while before you get involved and this the period of sacrifice ,but than after that you are there and than a time comes that you see with your naked eyes as well as your naked inner self that there is no difference between the remembered the remembrances and the remembering.
Just see the love HE has for you, offering you every thing, that is Him and than also realizing that the world the physical attraction He created only for me. And then when HE is asking me to choose the better ,out of sympathy HE is saying that coming to me or spending g time with Me is a sacrifice
This is how much HE loves the one HE asks for His love.
How exciting
He is calling yon with love
Telling you what to do
And than HE is feeling sorry for you, that mine one is coming to me leaving all that I showed to him{the world}
He is calling us for our own good
He is offering Himself to me and because the attraction HE has just made or created for me, being away from it and excepting offer to get Him or choose Him he is calling it a sacrifice.
This is the coolest way of telling the aashik that HE also cares and loves
He asks to be awake, to pray to remember to be present and than says oh my beloved has swollen feet.
He also says that its difficult but He wants it too.
He says stay with the world, people, family friends, kids spouse.
And than He doesn't have the nerve to be patient enough to grand or donate any space place in His house with Him.
He gives the heart, the depths the specific pain of understanding and concern in the heart, and when the understanding and closeness is at its peak, u become the height of understanding itself than He wants to be as a goat of sacrifice.
What a khilafat what a love????????????????????
Now I under stand one more thing by the word kausar if one doesn't understand the word growth the physical growth than what was the meaning of asking for the gratitude.
Why to ask for thanks and why to mention the disaster for the envious.
It is very easy to understand as God makes us understand by mentioning the opposites.
He says that the envious is not going to go a long way any ways what so ever he may try, give births to as many males ,have as mush status as much strength physical of worldly strength, none of these references is going to be of any consequence. But if He talks of the lake kausar, it doesn't fit the situation that well because
Where is trying to give strength to His grieved beloved
He has to be promising him some worldly assurance because its not even so much for the Prophet but the people he is facing
They were needed to be shone some physical comparison too
Because they were at no level to understand the here after promises.
And one thing more the Prophet knew that God won't leave him like that
But he was a human at the same time; well he was a different human but a human we must accept.
The culprits the enemies the envious were there torturing the Prophet than and there, why would they believe or care about the, here after
Some thing was to be given, shone there and than
God did promise growth and showed them the growing, group, community.
Why would they care weather God was promising the Prophet a lake or a pond or the sea.
So God promised him the physical growth and fulfilled the promise in front of the eyes of the envious.
If for a minute you don't take kausar as a physical growth as I am saying
Than I am certain you can not make it clear what this sura meant there and then
And what could be so exciting for a being may that be Gods beloved
But he was facing physical disasters
And he was to be satisfied physically for once.
At what ever level one may be but if you constantly know that you are a physical being too than , when you see that your kids are dieing ,for once you get the jolt and you cant keep on singing songs of praise may He gives you one hozz or all the hoozz in the universe.
The sensitivity of the situation required a physical promise that there is no one to take up the lineage but the promise is done, and said very strongly that never mind.
Ok lets take it as a sea or lake or a pond for the moment
That gives a strength at a level that ok the water for shifaat ,
Makes it understood that where there are going to be people, than its only going to be shifaat for them. But how many people?
May that be five may be fifty five, may be five hundred.
Because God didn't talk about the area of the pond or the gallons of water.
The color, the taste, the sweetness.
But when He promised growth that tells a lot about the number of people and that gives a lot of strength.
Then He says, when you see in comparison what I have promised you, its so exciting that gratitude is a small word, thanks is a small phrase. ibadat is a small return be so much engrossed and present that bit appears more than any thing in existence
You specific presence ,connection, meditation ,contemplation looks like as being sacrificed.
And of course Allah knows the best.

Sura kausar 10 Jan, 2006
And of course WE gave you the growth and the depths to understand, and you remembered Allah, and remembrance is the utmost sacrifice. And of course the envious will not have any strength at all
He says offering salat is a burden, but not on the few, that is full presence is a burden on the heart of course and the body. After struggling with ones self, the physical may be brought to the presence may be for the people, but the heart, that can’t be seen, can’t be felt, negligence is easy at this point, and managing “the neglect” there, is a sacrifice. Connection {rujuu} of the heart and the consistency is the real sacrifice.
Apparently we look composed or we pretend to be composed, to fraud ourselves or to fraud people, but we don’t work on the heart to elevate or mend because we are sure that no one can see the heart that what’s going on.
Apparently setting an impression of being composed on can go to any extent of which is not expectable.
WHO knows all what is going on in the hearts of hearts, we hardly care about Him because we can’t see and comprehend HIS presence with out naked useless eyes and for the eyes of the heart, we never took any pains to remove the veils so that we may see HIM.
HE says I am the witness on your {mpbuh} growth, and don’t lament that what will happen to your teachings, preaching’s when physically you will not be present amongst your people, as I have granted you the eternal life, the expansion.
I have granted and gifted to you and MY word, ETERNATY. In fact they and you {mpbuh} can’t even comprehend, that I and you are one. And only I am the care taker of MY word {Quraan} and you {mpbuh} MY love.
And the envious, the jealous, the ignorant, and one with larger families, name fame will be of no consequence, their empires, wealth, knowledge, their inheritance and pride is of no consequence for today, tomorrow and hereafter
HE says “I” gave you {mpbuh} all the expansion and made you the horizon, gave you the horizon
People, workers, ancestors, children, grandchildren, is the requirement of those who are afraid that who will be the caretaker of their work, wealth, business, name, and fame? And to safeguard that we ask for growth. At times we just think the multiplying in numbers means security.
Here ALLAH says, ‘I’ have given you {mpbuh} all, HE meant all the point of security, that is name, fame, growth is just you {mpbuh} within you {mpbuh}
As far as you {mpbuh} are concerned, none other you {mpbuh} yourself is required
You {mpbuh} are the growth, the exception yourself {mpbuh}.
He also meant that when HE has decided over you {mpbuh} when HE has taken the responsibility over you as a person, as HIS beloved, what else could be of any importance?
And it wouldn’t matter if talk of you {mpbuh} being Alone or lonely poor or old enough or ummi which is not true. You {mpbuh} being there means none other than growth till eternity.
U {mpbuh} does not mean you {mpbuh} but HIM too.
He being one has the significance you {mpbuh} being one has the significance.
God didn’t need HIS direct descendent {son} for the spread of HIS word, but a caliphate.
So HE had the Same agenda for you too, HE arranged a caliphate to carry on HIS message ,that means you {mpbuh} carrying Allahs sunnat for the spread of HIS word.
As gratitude you {mpbuh} got so much involved in HIS remembrance that you {mpbuh} became a sacrifice. That is got so much involved in one, indulged so much that it appeared to the naïve that you {mpbuh} were sacrificing yourself {mpbuh}.

Because whoever is not with ME that way can’t even comprehend what one is going through?
Allah says, are you {mpbuh} be with ME all the time and apparently when you {mpbuh} are not doing anything what the commoners are doing they think, that poor you {mpbuh} are torturing yourself {mpbuh} and enjoying the life for full as all the others, either you {mpbuh} are a coward under pressure scared of something that’s why you are doing all this.
And even if this hurts
Or feel like trying something other than what really you are doing or going through, be with it and of course with remembrance
On the face of it, it takes away everything from you {mpbuh} all love all attachments all fun which the world understand. Initially it is a sacrifice because as one starts the remembrance it takes a while before you get really really involved, and this is the time of sacrifice.
But then you are there, you go to a level where there is no restriction and distinction between the remembrance and the remembering and the remembered.
Just see the love HE has for you {mpbuh} offering you {mpbuh} everything
That is HIM. And also realizing that the world the physical attractions HE created for me{the human} only and when even HE is asking me to choose better out of sympathy for me {mpbuh} HE is saying, coming to me is a sacrifice.
This is how much HE loves the one HE asks for HIS closeness.
Calling with love ,telling ,directing what to do and also taking pity that my believer is leaving all for ME.HE is calling me for good, offering HIM from HIM, and whatever attractions HE has made for me, to be away from it, and to listen to what HE is asking, HE says it’s a sacrifice
See the beauty of the CREATOR, HE asks to be away from the bed, stay aware, be present and then says, you {mpbuh] have swollen feet.
HE says it’s very difficult, but HE wants the doing, HE says stay in the world, be with the kids and friends, and then He does not bear any one in HIS house.
HE gives the heart and the feeling too, and then after giving the intensity, and the attraction HE says to be the peace of sacrifice ,that’s a good way of authority with the hands tightly tightened.
AL KAUSAR makes us understand one thing more, that if it doesn’t mean growth after giving the gift of kuasar than why does HE talk about the gratitude and the envious one?
God makes us understand with the comparison that the enemy will be without lineage without the background, without the reference with out the heir, and it at all he will have a physical heir than even he won’t be of any standing. Here if God talks about the waters
It doesn’t suit the situation, as long as HE doesn’t talk about the growth with the stagnant, worthless.

And if HE is talking about the waters, we do believe and rely on HIM but there must be solution to the physical stress.
And if this wasn’t an apparent promise and the envious were not to see it than there was no use of the comparison. What could they derive from the promises of later on .and the generation that was dieing and they had the business, sons and big names too, what concern they had what so ever with the canal or ocean if God al mighty was promising. GOD promised the physical strength and than showed it practically.GOD promised the physical strength and than showed it practically.
Here if you talk about the technical and the meaning from the dictionary and try to stuck yourself with the specific meaning than even you do not understand the meaning.
We have no arguments over the meaning of “shifa at”.
That’s alright kausar is a different type of canal but when your {mpbuh} kids were dieing how could you {mpbuh} be thankful to GOD for what so ever. How was it possible that you were being thankful for something that you were going to get in the hereafter?
The sensitivity of the situation at that moment required that type of a promise, that one could see there is no heir but GOD said never mind.
A male member of the family only means an heir otherwise we have nothing against the females.
The enemies had sons as well as the empires, one could see and understand your{mpbuh} depression that the mission that was given to you was so great “to spread the oneness of GOD” no one was listening at any cost, so how the mission will proceed

sura ALAASAR[Quraan]
This was 1993
I had a dream
"A lake on then left side of the scene
Loads of people on the right side of the lake
Standing anxious with some containers in their hands
Not very elegantly dressed
As one is suppose to be by the river side
I am amongst them
I had this mind well grained, that this was hozee kausar
And all of these people are expecting the water of shifaat from the one standing there and will pour in their cups and mugs
That being some what is like ghaus pak
May be he is nominated by Hazur pak for the job or may be he is just there for the reception
And on the right side of the river is a shrine or building, or ruins I am not sure
And that is baba sahibz mizar, a little above the lake.
May be this was the job given to me than and I am trying on it today.
And of course HE knows the best."
Went to pak patan next morning
Did ask some one where the water was where I was standing and as I was just dazed standing at that point not even getting familiar to the surroundings asked where the building is
And there it was at the right side of where I saw the lake.
I was like ok that this was what I saw and this is the real interpretation
But to day as I am trying to write what the sura is all about here I am reliving the dream all over again and trying to understand. I was so sure that it was hauzee kausar
Some people standing prior to me,were like thinking where they were for getting water
I told them aloud
This is hauzee kausar.

What it means?
And what it meant to me?
What was the dream all about?
What do I have say to the world today about KAUSAR?