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Salam dua and piar

welcome to sirredilbraan      [noreen]

Sirredilbraan lives in lahore , Pakistan , but Allah has been kind enough to make it be alive in the hearts of those who go by the Book , not books.

sirre is in love with Mohammad , that is ,the religion islam . Being a muslim and a believer of almighty Allah , Quraan and hadis are a must code to follow.

sirre is sufi by temprament  and a jihadi. it sings the song of namaz roza hujj, umrah, zakat.

philosophy of  sirre is no terror, may it be hindu, buddhist, jew or any other.may be living in karachi or koria, islamabad or italy, london or lahore, multan or malta. may one be in love with music, sports or phylosophy, news or plays, books or games.

Hazrt mohammad became the news of equality ,  love ,  freedom , Hazoor is the Gods gift to us, humans.

sirre wants to share all this and much more with concern and love and care for all and thats why sirre has a home on youtube , facebook , has a forum of its own blog with videos.

sirre is all yours

stay tuned to Sirredilbraan.



here is knowing me MORE

"metric from Multan.scored highest  in Multan district 1975
A levels ,England,London, crohum hurst school
in Dubai news paper,alashrak 2004
Jang Pakistan 2005
 regular writings
 in risala ruhee buland since2004, Lahore
afifa since 2008 Lahore
lamp 1994 1995 Karachi
composed 2 cdS of wasif Ali wasif in 2004 2005
lectures in Pakistan
Superior college
regular weekly talks in model town library
gulberg  2 places
quraan center
series of 10 lectures on self awareness ,ethics and training for teachers
in teach a child school "Tac"
series of lectures at Arfan textiles for the executives on how 2 be aware of their concern with the management and growth of the work and the wok place
solo retreat with a Buddhist monk in USA regarding self awareness
lectures on self awareness and religious talk in
Dubai 2006
Canada ,Montreal 97
USA, Denver 98 till 2008
Switzerland, Davao's 2000
USA ,Dallas 2001
England,London 99
diploma in textile designing 93 lahore
diplom in all sorts of glass treatment and painting 96 karachi
Reiki master from USA 94 'healer and trainer'
hypnotherapy USA 96
4th dimension,mind training program 95
Nero linguistic programming "nlp" 99
workshops and courses concerning self awareness and importance of deen
Scotland, bashara school. "bulent rauf thought"
Spain with Ankara publications "muhai ud din ibn arabi thought"
turkey,with  chisom management, Scotland "maulana rumi thought" "

any Qs? write to me at sirredilbraan@gmail.com


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stay healthy wealthy and happy, aamiin